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DPD has been delivering parcels for more than two decades and it is one of the most developed parcel delivery networks internationally. Every day qualified specialists of the company ensure reliable, easy and fast delivery of the parcels. Years of expertise ensures the shipments arrive to its destination within couple of days.

Where can DPD delivery my parcel?

DPD parcel delivery service is divided into three groups - parcels within Lithuania, parcels to Baltic States and parcels to other European countries.

How long does DPD courier delivery take?

Like any other parcel delivery company as well as DPD, delivery time depends on where you choose to send your parcel. Shipments within Lithuania will be delivered on the following business day, if the parcel is taken to a parcel locker before 11 am. Shipments to Latvia and Estonia will be delivered within 3-8 business days.

How to pack my parcel for delivery?

Excellent packaging of the parcel is a key to smooth parcel delivery. Sendparcel.com recommends placing the items you’re sending into a durable and double-walled box and fill up the remaining space with bubble wrap, foam peanuts, air pillows, etc. More information about the parcel packaging can be found here.

How much does it cost to send a shipment with DPD courier?

DPD shipment price depend on its shipping destination. Fill out required details into Parcel Delivery Quote and instantly you’ll get an exact delivery price. You can find our price calculator here.

Are there any size restrictions for DPD shipments?

Yes. There are size and weight restrictions for DPD parcels. The maximum dimensions of a parcel are 61 cm x 44 cm x 37 cm and the maximum weight of the shipment can be up to 20 kg.

Can you deliver to a parcel locker?

Yes. When placing an order, you have a selection between delivering a parcel to a given address or select the closest parcel locker or a Pickup point.

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